Fifty Feminist Mantras

A yearlong practice for cultivating feminist consciousness

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An illustrated journal to help you raise your feminist consciousness and strengthen your well-being in a positive, inclusive, and radical way.

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Fifty Feminist Mantras began as a weekly blog post and blossomed into a year-long project with the purpose of helping readers embrace feminism and themselves as feminists.

Inside this illustrated journal are fifty mantras—memorable phrases or words—arranged by week and season. Each mantra is paired with guided reflections and writing prompts, along with journal pages for readers to fill.

Working through the journal over the course of a year will help you cultivate feminist values such as community, intuition, pleasure, and soft power and see how those personal practices can radically disrupt the power of patriarchy, white supremacy, and capitalism in our lives.

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Amelia Hruby is a feminist author, educator, and podcaster with a PhD in philosophy. She wrote Fifty Feminist Mantras as a way to help herself reconnect with her feminine and feminist self, and she's excited to share the feminist values and practices in this book with you now. Learn more about her work on her website or Instagram.


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Fifty Feminist Mantras cover

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